Investing with science


Applied science is an investment. We work with businesses and applied researchers to help them make good quality longer-term investments in technologies with high payoffs.

We have had over a decade long involvement in helping to build the New Zealand's superconductivity industry, working with the NZ HTS Industry Association. Our technology roadmaps underpinned the establishment of HTS-110 and the strategy of developing a NZ industry supplying components to HTS power systems OEMs. We continue to work with the industry, including the Robinson Research Institute at Victoria University of Wellington.

Managing Director, Simon Arnold, also assists the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, one of NZ's centres of research excellence, as a member of its industry advisory group.

We invest, with a recent investments into Blended Fuel Solutions NZ that manufactures "fit-for-purpose" fuels that sit outside the traditional supply chain. Through BFSNZ we have established Nufuels to manufacture fuels locally from waste using small-scale pyrolysis.